Operation Christmas Child

Beliz-photo-courtesy-of-operation-christmas-childWe all know the scenes on Christmas morning when the children awake with pure excitement and make their way to the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. They squeal with delight as they find the parcels that have been left for them.

Christmas is about giving and unfortunately these scenes do not occur in many parts of the world.

Thanks to the many Turi Foods employees, some children, somewhere in the world, will get to experience some joy on Christmas morning.

Operation Christmas Child is an annual initiative of Samaritan’s Purse Australasia. Turi Foods has been involved with this initiative for the past few years. It involves filling a shoe box with different items for a specific age group. The boxes are then collected and shipped to different countries around the world.

Last year boxes from Australia and New Zealand went to children in the following countries:

Cambodia: 74,810
Vietnam: 85,004
Thailand: 84,442
PNG: 4,996
Fiji: 46,018
Samoa: 20,757
Vanuatu: 5,499

TOTAL: 321,526 children

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